Purveyors of Great Wine

- EsT 2012 -


We are an independent liquor store in the leafy inner north suburb of Ainslie. At Ainslie Cellars we house familiar names alongside those lesser known in a place that captures our love of community and all things fermented.


Family Owned and Operated circa. 2012

We might have opened our doors in April 2012, but our family has been proudly serving the community in Ainslie since 1963. The philosophies that have guided the Ainslie Supermarket through the last 50 years are part of who we are and is a driving force behind our dedication and service. 

Building strong relationships in our community is important to us and that is why we champion the passion and skill of the wine from our own district. That enthusiasm for the local forms the basis for our eagerness for the distant: we taste everything from all parts of the globe and house them on our shelves for you to select with confidence. Or better yet (no doubt just like it was in 1963) have one of our passionate staff guide you towards them.



(02) 6230 6622



7 Edgar St Ainslie,
Canberra 2602



Mo-Th 9am–8pm
Fr 9am–9pm
Sa-Su 9am -8pm



Free weekly in-store tastings to expand your palate.  
A great way to try before you buy or just have a taste of something new.

Thursday 23rd June - 5:30-7:30pm
Nick O'Leary Wines
Canberra District
Friday 24th June - 5:30-7:30pm
Great Western, Victoria